Rim 2.5x8" Aluminum

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Buggy Aluminum Rim 2.5''x8'' Stainless Steel Ball bearings S6204 (Hydro and Noise reduce Grease, Quantity loaded 80-90%)
and Galvanized Steel spacer included. Heating treatment to improve the mechanical properties, phosphorus and tropical varnish to ensure the rust-proof and easy maintaining.

Weight = 1kg

Buggy Aluminum Rim 2.5''x8''
Can be used for every type of buggy, landsail, trike, airplanes...
-Alloy A356 used for marine equipment
-Heating treatment T6 to improve the mechanical properties.
-Phosphorus treatment and tropical varnish to make it rust-proof and to assist the maintaining.
-Ball bearings in Stainless Steel S6204 (Hydro and Noise reduce Grease, Quantity loaded 80-90%),47mm exterior diameter, 20mm interior diameter and width 14mm.
-Hub Width = 62mm
-Weight = 1kg
-The spacer is 38mm length.
Tires dimensions : "small" tires like 4.80/4.00-8 or equivalent.
Compatibility for other sizes : contact us.
Tubeless or not, the hole for the valve is 11.5mm.
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