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What's New at BKS ? 
S3 is Real!!!
A new Era, New Sysmic Buggies are now available.
- Aluminum Frame and Customized Glass-Fiber rear Axle
- Rear Axle isin 2 parts, giving the possibility to fold everything in a small bag.
- Let's Start a new dimension!
  Certainly the most powerful Buggy and the most transportable Buggy of the market !!! 
All of our Aluminum parts got Heat-treatment after weldings, bringing their yield strenght higher than the Steel and Stainless Steel.
25kg with Standard wheels 3 stokes
34kg with MidiXL wheels 
  • Foldable for an extremely fast assembly, and also a transport very easy thanks to its storage and its transportability, it fits in a bag of 80L, and it rolls in folded version as well ...
  • The rear axle is in 2 parts of fiberglass and its lenght is your choice 130/140/150/160 /170cm ... Or else .. It's your choice!
  • Allows to ride with smaller kites, under lighter winds to provides better experiences.
More Picture here !!
The most performant rim is here!
Thanks to all the Clubs and Customers, who are riding in aluminum rims for several reasons, the reliability which reduces the time of maintenance and inoperation of the Buggy, and performances increase very appreciable during a race! and allow the rides under lighter winds...!
Rim 2.5x8" - 3 Strokes
Extra light, with 523g without the bearings! Special Aluminum alloy and heat treatment, allowing you to sail under the lightest wind conditions, will improve the start and the acceleration in an impressive manner...
The rim is in Stock! More details.
How to mount a tire, No tool
It is easy to mount a tire on all our Rims - No Tool needed...
Please check our tutorial, on how to mount a tire without any tool, to avoid scratching the Rim.
Our 3 strokes wheel is also available with 12 1/2 x 2-1/4, or 12 x 1-3/4 tires with  many flashy colors, for Speed Sails, MTB, Blokart... 
Speed Sails MTB Blokart
New Tire Sysmic SnakeSkin
Sysmic Tire for lenticular Wheels 17x3" New version 2015, Lighter Stronger and Softer. The new material is a complex Nylon structure elaborate by Innova, that reduiced its weight by 300Grs, as a result, the new structure is extremly soft like a Snakeskin!!
This year, the challenge continue, reducing the ground friction and preserving the grip, meanwhile improving the confort, the weight, and keeping the mechanical property for an "off road" tire.
We are pleased to show our new Tubeless tire SYSMIC, from 1.72 kg (last version) to 1.5 kg, with anti-dust penetration leap system as always...
To identify the new tire from the last version, SnakeSkin is printed on the tire. Now Available...
Tire 3-17 Sysmic SnakeSkin
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Improve our comfort for our passion, BKS wish you a good E-commerce,
The Buggy Kite Shop Team.
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