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  1. Liquid Sealant - Repair and Preventive Liquid
    Liquid Sealant - Repair and Preventive Liquid
    €27.00 €27.00

    Liquid Sealant - Repair and Preventive Liquid

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  2. Inner Tube for Mini Standard | Inner Tube | BuggyKiteShop
    Inner Tube for Mini Standard 12.5x2.25" (300x65)
    €5.60 €5.60

    Inner Tube for Mini Standard 12.5x2.25" (300x65)
    Size: 12.5x2.25" (300x65)
    Weight: 175g

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  3. Brake or accelerator Pedal | BuggyKiteShop
    Brake or Accelerator Pedal
    €40.00 €40.00

    Brake or Accelerator Pedal 

    Brake or Accelerator Pedal Easy to fix anywhere on your front fork or pipe, diameter 20 to 30mm, it can fit bigger diameter with longer screws.

    Total weight 200g

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  4. Wheel lenticular | Alloy Wheels | BuggyKiteShop
    Wheel LENTICULAR (Seagull Tire 17"x2-1/4")
    €203.34 €203.34

    Complete Wheel  For Landsails and Buggies 17"x2.25" - Aluminum Rim, Tire, Tube or valve, Spacer and Ball bearing.

    New Aluminum alloy, lighter for more performances!

    Stainless Steel Ball bearing S6204 47-20-14mm (Axle 20mm) - 80% loaded with Hydro-Silent grease

    Diam.: 570mm
    Larg.: 70mm
    Total Weight 4.8kg (4.4kg if Tubeless)
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  5. SEAGULL Tire 17x2-1/4 (Lenticular) | Canadian Tire | BuggyKiteShop
    SEAGULL Tire 17x2-1/4 (Lenticular)
    €40.84 €40.84
    SEAGULL Tire 17x3
    Slick tire - Tubeless (possibility to add an inner-tube)

    Out diameter = 570mm
    Width = 70mm
    Weight 1.1 kg

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  6. Wheel STANDARD 4.80/4.00-8, 2.5 | Alloy Wheels | BuggyKiteShop
    Wheel STANDARD 4.80/4.00-8 - (Rim: 2.5x8" - 3 spokes)
    €79.20 €79.20
    Extra Light Rim to provide unequivalent performances!
    Complete Wheel  400mm diameter for Trike, Light Aircraft, Land Yacht, Buggy, with reinforced tires 4.80/4.00-8 - 2.5'' reinforced Rim, 3 spokes
    Rim, Tire, Inner tube, Spacer and Stainless steel Ball bearing S6204

    Diam.: 400mm
    Larg.: 95-100mm
    Total Weight : 2.1 kg

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  7. Caliper Support | Disc Brake | BuggyKiteShop
    Caliper Support (Disc Brake can adapt any front fork or fittings)
    €28.50 €28.50

    Caliper Support for Disk Brake System disc 120mm, works on any frontfork (Leg diameter 19-34mm).

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  8. Tire Mini Standard | Canadian Tire | BuggyKiteShop
    Tire Mini Standard 12.5x2.25" (300x65)
    €18.50 €18.50

    Lightest Tire 12.5x2.25" (300x65) with InnerTube
    Pattern as shown on the pictures

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