Buggy kite pack, special offer, and promotion, from 5% to 20% Discount on our Packs.

Please contact us for more details.

Buggy Kite Pack Offer

Pack 1*: 5%(Buggy+Kite)

Pack 2*: 5%(Buggy+Kite)+10%(on the 2nd Kite)

Pack 3*: 5%(Buggy+Kite)+10% (2ndKite)+15%(on the 3rd kite)

Pack 4*: 5%(Buggy+Kite)+10%(2ndKite)+15%(3rd kite)+20%(4th Kite)


With retroactive effect, buy your futures Kites at anytime you want, the offer is still “ON” after purchasing the buggy.

*The present Offer is suitable over our full range of Kites, within a period of time of 2 years from the purchase date of the buggy.

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