General Conditions

The present General Sales Conditions govern the sale of products available on on the day of ordering. These conditions apply when the order has been made by Internet. The BuggyKiteShop is managed by the JMC International Holding Limited Company, registered at the Hong Kong Business Registration office, specialized in mail-order. Currently, the JMC International Holding Limited Company sells mainly his own designed products. The design is 100% French. The General Conditions of Sale define the sales conditions between the JMC International Holding Limited Company and its clients hereinafter defined. According to these conditions, a client is any person ordering on the website, whether a private individual or not. Should the conditions differ according to the means of ordering, these differences will be specified in written terms.
Contracting Capacity
The purchase of a product found on the Buggy Kite Shop can be done by any client of the BuggyKiteShop declares having the capacity to contract according to the conditions defined thereafter, i.e. being either a responsible minor or a responsible adult, as stipulated the International law.
Client Acceptance
The JMC International Holding Limited Company General Conditions of Sale, can be read on the site. The fact of a client having clicked on the button "I acknowledge the General Conditions of Sale and I accept them", leads automatically to acknowledgement and acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale. These conditions apply in exclusivity above all other conditions, unless a specific agreement or trade clause has been signed by both parties. All the product are designed for a specified application, the JMC International Holding Limited Company General is not responsible for any accident due to a missed used or a non-well-maintaining process of the product.
Modification of General Conditions of Sale
The present conditions are subject to change at any moment, so the client is asked to read them regularly. Each version of the conditions is accompanied by a precise date. Thus, each order is subject to the conditions presented on-line on the date of ordering.
Proprietary Rights and Reservations
The BuggyKiteShop remains the legal proprietor of all merchandise until provision of full payment by the client. The above-mentioned conditions do not absolve the client from assuming, from the moment of delivery of merchandise, full responsibility for the risks of loss, or deterioration of goods submitted to proprietary reservations, as well as damages occasioned by these goods.
The order form that the client completes and establishes on-line does not hold the same legal worth of an invoice. The client is considered to be invoiced, as soon as the parcel is ready to be forwarded. The client receives the invoice at the moment of delivery, inside the parcel. The BuggyKiteShop keeps a digital copy of each invoice.
Shipping & Delivery
Transport Costs
Preparation and transport costs are invoiced according to parcel contents and weight (except gifts), country of destination and choice of transporters. Insurance costs are included "ad valorem". Transport can be provided free of charge, infrequently, in the event of marketing or promotional operations.
The BuggyKiteShop will only send parcels insured ad valorem. Insurance fees are included in the cost of transport.
Preparation times
Clients should count two workable days for order preparation (order processing, invoicing, product preparation, packaging) before forwarding of a product that the company holds in stock, and which has been paid for by bank card or credit card.
Transport times
These depend on the transporters chosen by the client. The BuggyKiteShop informs clients that transport times given to clients are those which have been announced by transporters. The company transmits this information as an indication only. The BuggyKiteShop cannot thus be held responsible for the non-respect of transport times estimated by transporters. Furthermore the BuggyKiteShop wishes to inform its clients that transport times do not include Sundays or public holidays. Clients are reminded of estimated time limits at the time of ordering, by written notification on order forms.
Delivery times
If the BuggyKiteShop has a product in stock, the estimated delivery time is equal to the preparation time for each order, added to transport times. If the BuggyKiteShop does not possess a product in stock, the time taken for the product to be transferred from the supplier to the company’s stock, must be added to the preparation and transport times. In the case that estimated time limits have been exceeded, a new estimated delivery time will be communicated to the client, which will depend on the information possessed by the Buggy Kite Shop. In such cases, provision for cancellation and/or reimbursement will equally be proposed to the client.
Products are packaged according to, and in respect of current standards. The technology and procedures used are subject to evolution in view of optimizing packaging.
Once the client has placed an order on-line, confirmation of parcel forwarding is sent automatically to the client by e-mail, providing that electronic (e-mail) address details have been correctly indicated on the order form and that no error has been made.
Parcel follow-up
Notable mention will be made of the parcel number on the e-mail sent to the client confirming parcel forwarding; this number will allow the client to keep a trace of the itinerary of the parcel, by consulting the BuggyKiteShop internet site. The BuggyKiteShop cannot be held responsible for any computer problems or bugs interfering with the client’s capacity to follow parcel itineraries on a transporters’ internet site.
Clients ordering on the BuggyKiteShop internet site, either in French, English or Chinese language are classified as having made a purchase in Hong Kong and are thus subject to Hong Kong law.
The BuggyKiteShop works in partnership with different transporters. The client should choose the required mode of transport when placing orders. Not all transporters deliver to the same places or delivery points. Therefore the list of transporters is not the same according to the geographical location of delivery points. In addition the list of transporters available is also subject to the price of products contained in the parcel to be delivered.
Delivery points
Products are delivered automatically to the address indicated by the client on the order form.
Client absence on the day of delivery
Depending on the situation, transporters may leave a notice indicating time of visit, in the client’s mail box, inviting the latter to contact the postal service, or parcel depot closest to client’s residence, or to make contact with the transporters to establish a delivery time.
Delivery delays
It is possible that a parcel does not arrive within the time limits guaranteed by postal services or by transporters. In the case where postal services are responsible, the client must contact imperatively their local postal distribution office. In all cases (postal services or transporters) where there are very long delays, the client can contact the BuggyKiteShop to enable the company to make enquiries and locate the parcel, not excluding the possibility that the latter be lost.
Loss of parcels
In this case the BuggyKiteShop is under the obligation to respect time limits imposed by the postal services or by transporters, concerning the declaration of loss and reimbursement of parcels. The client is thus also subject to these time limits. - To this effect, the client possesses a maximum limit of 20 days, counting from the reception of the e-mail confirming the forwarding of the parcel, to declare the loss of the above-mentioned parcel with the Buggy Kite Shop. Beyond this limit, no objection will be taken into account. - Furthermore, if the client has declared the parcel lost within the time limit explained above, the BuggyKiteShop will have an objection file opened on behalf of the client. In this instance, it is possible that the client be asked to provide documents necessary to the constitution of such a file. - Finally, the period for transporters to provide definitive answers concerning lost parcel enquiries can vary from one to three weeks. Two types of answers are possible; either the parcel is found and is then forwarded to the client, following normal procedures; or the parcel is declared as lost and the BuggyKiteShop informs the client to this effect and either provides a reimbursement (for the amount invoiced) or proceeds with a second forwarding based on the client’s choice.
Parcel reception
Parcels are delivered directly to the addressee, following signature of delivery receipt, or by default in certain cases to an authorized building or office caretaker. All parcels delivered should be subject to verification and in the case of partial or total damage, comments to this effect should be written on the transporters’ delivery slip. Without the inscription of comments expressing reserve, the product is acknowledged to be delivered in a proper state and can be subject to no further opposition or contestation. All parcels not claimed and returned to the BuggyKiteShop can be forwarded again at the addressee’s cost. All objections of non-compliance not effected within the rules defined above, and within the time allowed cannot be considered and will absolve the BuggyKiteShop of all responsibilities towards the client.
Strike action
In case of strike action concerning postal services and transporters or another exceptional event causing the slowing down or prevention of, parcel delivery, the BuggyKiteShop will take all reasonable efforts to inform clients of the progress of the forwarding of parcels. Rights of Retraction: The Satisfaction or Reimbursement Procedure
Privacy & Security
All the personnal information collected by the BuggyKiteShop website wont be use for other company marketing use. Those informations wont be given to any tiers company.
Anti-Fraud Controls
JMC International Holding Limited is responsible for the automatic data processing of information relative to clients’ orders. This automated processing is aimed at defining analysis levels of transactions in order to combat bank card and credit card fraud. JMC International Holding Limited and the BuggyKiteShop are the addressees of the data relating to client orders. Not transmitting these details prevents the enactment and analysis of a transaction. According to the “Computing and Freedom” law, dated January 6, 1978, the client holds, at any moment, the right of access or opposition to, and correction of, the entirety of personal data, by addressing a written demand and providing proof of identity to JMC International HOLDING Limited, Flat 7A, 7/F, Kimley Commercial Building, 142-146 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, China. Furthermore, the BuggyKiteShop is entitled to demand from its clients all documentation necessary for the release of blocked orders, such as proof of residence, proof of identity etc.
Returns & Replacements
Delivery errors
All objections regarding the non-compliance of products, whether concerning quality or quantity as stated on the client invoice, must be lodged by the client upon reception of the parcel. Objections must be formulated by telephone, e-mail or postal mail to the Buggy Kite Shop.
If a client is not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, for clients to renounce their purchases within the 7 days following parcel reception, a dated postmark as sufficient proof, providing the article is returned in a perfect state for resale, implying that article is wrapped in the original packaging, is completely intact and presenting no sign of shock or dysfunction. A product is agreed and sold in its entirety, so that if a client has ordered a pack, and is not satisfied with one or more of the components of the pack, must still return all elements of the pack in its entirety. The BuggyKiteShop reserves the right to return any product to a client in the case of incomplete parcels. All returns are made at the client’s own expense, and parcels are transported under the client’s sole responsibility. The BuggyKiteShop advises clients to package parcels correctly (Interior and exterior. The original packaging should itself be wrapped in a packet sufficiently adapted for transport purposes) – as well as insuring them. The BuggyKiteShop can not be held responsible for any problems related to shocks or dysfunction caused during transport.
Return procedures
The client should inform the BuggyKiteShop (Returns Service) of intention to return a parcel prior to doing so. This can be done by e-mail. Assuming that the aforementioned conditions have been met, a reimbursement of the value of the products concerned, complying with the purchase invoice, with the deduction of transport costs, and Bank fees, will be made within a fortnight of the receipt of the returned product by the Buggy Kite Shop. In all above cases, the BuggyKiteShop reserves the right to deduct the price of missing products. The Buggy Kite Shop’s Returns Service cannot process problems related to breakdowns or dysfunction. All elements returned under these circumstances will be transferred to the After Sales Service, using the procedures applicable to this service. Finally, the BuggyKiteShop recommends its clients to verify each appliance for the presence of personal elements such as data, photos, videos, music etc. The BuggyKiteShop can not be held responsible for the loss of such elements.
Ordering procedures
When the client is a private individual, the order can be completed directly with the BuggyKiteShop using the address Clients ordering on-line with this site must fill in personal details and coordinates themselves using the appropriate forms provided. Clients are asked to reread the order forms before validating orders. The BuggyKiteShop takes no responsibility for forwarding of erroneous e-mails or for erroneous forwarding of parcels due to badly completed order forms. Companies, worker’s councils, staff clubs, associations, administrative bodies and retailers are obliged, prior to all orders, to open an account with the Buggy Kite Shop. For this, worker’s councils, associations and administrative bodies should contact directly the BuggyKiteShop Large Account-holder’s Service (called Grands Comptes – including our contacts for companies, worker’s councils, associations and administrative bodies). They will be asked notably to provide written proof of their corporate name and status (K Bis form). JMC International Holding Limited reserves the right, without justification, to refuse the opening of any account whatsoever and to impose on-line payment in full.
Confirmation of order is sent automatically to the client by e-mail under the reserve that the address indicated on the order form be free of error.
All clients are free to cancel orders at any moment, unless the order concerned has already been invoiced. In this case, on the condition that the client desires not to receive the goods ordered, the client must refuse the parcel upon delivery, and without opening the parcel, must return it to the sender with the written mention “Parcel refused”. The total amount of the order will thus be refunded by electronic bank transfer, with preparation and transport costs deducted.
Product Availability
According to products selected, the BuggyKiteShop works, on the basis of a certain stock level, using just-in-time methods with its suppliers, or by special order. Thus, products are available while stocks last, whether ‘in-house’ at the BuggyKiteShop or with the Buggy Kite Shop’s suppliers. If the BuggyKiteShop is unable to obtain a product from its suppliers, the client will be informed by e-mail of the delay necessary in carrying out the order. The client will thus be entitled to cancel the order with no cancellation penalty for such a cancellation.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Product Features
The BuggyKiteShop presents to its best ability the main specificities of each product, on its product specification sheets, using information provided by the manufacturers. The BuggyKiteShop takes no responsibility, therefore, for the provision of erroneous information, transmitted by the manufacturers. Confirmation of all technical details can be obtained by calling the JMC International Holding Limited Company commercial service department, or by sending an e-mail. Except notification to the contrary, specified on the site, all products sold by the BuggyKiteShop are guaranteed as new. All products on sale on the BuggyKiteShop site comply with European legislation and European manufacturing standards.
Discount and Gift Offers
Only one discount (for instance a promotional code offer) can be offered per product. Should a computer-based problem occur leading to the duplication of discounts and gifts, the invoice will be delayed till the payment is resolved or the order cancelled. Gifts offered depend on the products purchased. These gifts are listed on the pages of the products concerned. Gifts are neither guaranteed, nor exchanged and cannot be returned.
All prices are displayed without taxes and by default in Euros. The customer can switch the price to other devises but the final payment will be done in Euros. Suppliers’ prices being subject to constant change, the current price list is liable to change at any moment. Prices may also vary because of introductory prices, special offers or sale prices. All prices given are correct, excluding the advent of typographical errors.
VAT Rates
The applicable V.A.T. rate depends on the country to where the merchandise is delivered.
There are no Customs duties within the interior of the European Union. Customs duties may apply on merchandise sold inside the European Union for use in the client’s country of residence. In this case, the client is solely responsible for paying any Customs duties applicable as well as the ensuing administrative procedures associated. The supplier’s responsibility terminates when the product has been transported to the address indicated by the client. Clients are reminded that French overseas departments and territories are considered as outside the European Union and are thus subject to Customs verification.
Means of payment
When the client is a private individual, payment can be made by credit card. The client guarantees the BuggyKiteShop of possession of any necessary authorisation for using the means of payment chosen.
The BuggyKiteShop reserves the right to refuse any delivery to, or order received from a client whose previous order has not paid for in its entirety or with whom the company has a yet unsettled lawsuit.
The manufacturer’s guarantee
Certain appliances on-sale in the BuggyKiteShop are guaranteed contractually by their respective manufacturers. The guarantee contract is concluded privately between the client and the manufacturer, through the act of purchase, the purchase invoice standing as sufficient proof.
Legal guarantees
Clients are protected by legal guarantees described. As a reminder, this guarantee is provided legally by the vendor on 4 conditions:
- that a product fault is hidden
- that the fault existed prior to the conclusion of the sales contract
- that the product be sufficiently defective that the client would have refused it even if offered at a lower price
- that any objection procedure be made as rapidly as possible after the discovery of the fault
The BuggyKiteShop is absolved of its delivery obligations in case of "force majeure". The BuggyKiteShop recommends its clients to verify each appliance for the presence of personal elements such as data, photos, videos, music etc. before returning these to its Returns Service or After Sales Service departments. The BuggyKiteShop can not be held responsible for the loss of data or personal effects. The BuggyKiteShop declines all responsibility for unauthorised or improper use of products ordered by clients. Internet sites linked directly or indirectly to the BuggyKiteShop are not controlled by the Buggy Kite Shop, and consequently, the company assumes no responsibility for the contents and information published on these sites. Links with third-party sites are provided solely for the client’s convenience and this implies no support or agreement on the part of the BuggyKiteShop regarding the contents of these sites. Protection of Personal Data and Details In compliance with the “Computing and Freedom Law”, the client possesses the right of access to computer data concerning their own persons, in our data files. To exercise this right, clients should contact the BuggyKiteShop by E-mail.
Updating Account Information & Updating Account Information
Create an account will allow to view the order and update the account informations.
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