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Buggy kite shop (BKS) has been created in 2006 by a team of Aeronautic Engineers free of passion. Started with designing structures, and quickly worked on wheels. The wheels has become a key element, well-known for their superior performances and reliability. We are very Glad and Proud to have customers that are still using our rims for more than 12 years now! 

Our wheels are now used on Small Aircrafts, Ultra-Lights Aircrafts, Trikes, Electrical vehicles...

Our complete Brake System, with its pedal can be mounted on any front fork or platform witout the need to weld or drill on the existing structure. And it can be mounted on any of our rims, anytime.

How do we process

The products are 100% designed in France. All our designed has been through our 3D  Finite Elements Mechanical analyses, and  our prototypes are tested onto qualification bench to end-up into the hands of our pilotes before production and commercialization. Our factories are located in China, Taiwan, Vietnam and France. An individual test and control is made at each factory before the shipment towards our warehouses and distributors. Our After Sells service is located at our warehouse place in France and at our distributor place, for every concerned continent.

The next step

Continious improvement, we are dedicated to bring better performance to all the product we are making, and designing new accessories. We are always listenning our customers, helping each others. So, feel free to write to us, we would be please to hear and support as much as we can.

Where can you meet the BKS team

You can find a part of the team in north of France around “Quend plage”, we are testing the products and having fun over there…

Workshop / Warehouse Address

78 Avenue de Flandres Dunquerk, 80600 Doullens, FRANCE

Always comfort and security, for the best sensations. To all of you, from all of us at BuggyKiteShop - Thank you and Happy eCommerce !


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