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Seat & Acc

Seat & Acc

Buggy seat spare parts

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  1. Sysmic Stake (2 pcs)

    Sysmic Stake (2 pcs)

    Excl. Tax: €14.70 Incl. Tax: €17.64

    Sysmic Stake
    Removable Stakes, can fit all kind of place and buggy.
    Stainless steel 304L
    Sold by 2.

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  2. Strap Loop

    Strap Loop

    Excl. Tax: €1.19 Incl. Tax: €1.43

    Plastic strap loop.
    For webbing 50 or 48mm width.

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  3. Sysmic Foot Strap (2 pcs)

    Sysmic Foot Strap (2 pcs)

    Excl. Tax: €4.18 Incl. Tax: €5.02

    Sysmic Foot Strap
    Removable Strap, this velcro band can fit all kind of foot strap buggy, and can be easily adjustable.
    100% Nylon, Sold by 2. (only the Velcro Band, no metal support neither bolts)

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  4. Sysmic Kit Protection (2Lateral +1Rear)

    Sysmic Kit Protection (2Lateral +1Rear)

    Excl. Tax: €24.90 Incl. Tax: €29.88

    Protections for the buggy structure
    Black D1800 fabric 2 time PU coated, water-proof.
    Smart PP foam. Easy to install, easy to remove, can fit numerous buggy kite.
    2 laterals (one with sysmic embroidery), 1 rear.

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  5. Sysmic Seat

    Sysmic Seat

    Excl. Tax: €99.00 Incl. Tax: €118.80

    Buggy seat has a very good adaptability, can fit loads of buggy structures.
    Strong, Easy to adjust on the buggy, 100% rust-proof, 100% water-resistant.

    New 2010 design improved with 2 back webbing to improve back confort, lateral reinforcement, and interior fabric as been replaced by the exterior fabric very strong D1800.

    Confort & sensations guaranteed.

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