Wheel MIDI XXL 18x8.5-8 - (Rim: 8x8" - 8 spokes)

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Complete wheels for landsail and kite buggy, MidiXXL18x8.5-8
Rim, line Patern Tire, Tubeless, Spacer and Ball bearings Stainless steel.

Diam.: 450mm
Width.: 235mm
Poids total 6.1 kg

Wheel Midi XXL 18x8.5-8
Complet Wheel:
-Rim: 8''x8'' Aluminium 8 barres
-Tire: Deli Midi XL 18x8.5-8, Line Grooves, 4 plis
-Ball bearings in Stainless Steel 6004 (Hydro and Noise reduce Grease, Quantity loaded 80-90%),42mm exterior diameter, 20mm interior diameter and width 12mm.
-Spacer: Galvanized Steel

Overall dimenssions, may slightly fluctuate with pressure:
Diam.: 450mm
Larg.: 235mm

Advised pressure: 1.0 bar
Total weight: 6.1 kg

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