Rim 8"x8" Aluminum

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Buggy Aluminum Rim 8''x8'' Stainless Steel Ball bearings (Hydro and Noise reduce Grease, Quantity loaded 80-90%)

Perfectly Symetric Ball bearings (Stainless Steel) and spacer (Galvanized Steel) included. Heating treatment to improve the mechanical properties, phosphorus treatment to ensure the rust-proof and easy maintaining.

Buggy Aluminum Rim 8''x8''

-Perfectly Symetric
-Alloy A356 used for marine equipment
-Heating treatment T6 to improve the mechanical properties.
-Phosphorus treatment and tropical varnish to make it rust-proof and to assist the maintaining.
-Ball bearings in Stainless Steel 6004 (Hydro and Noise reduce Grease, Quantity loaded 80-90%),42mm exterior diameter, 20mm interior diameter and width 12mm.
-Hub Width = 62mm -Weight = 2.6 Kg
-The spacer is 38mm length.
Can be used for every type of buggy, landsail...

Tires dimensions allowed all 8inch interior diameter.
Tubeless or not is up to you, the hole for the valve is 11.5mm.

IMPORTANT: Not for highway service. Rims are designed for buggy kite and landsail applications. Customer will take the entire responsibility by using the rim for any-others applications.
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